Athlete To Watch: Amos Wilson

Shanik Zambrano

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        Glenwood Springs High School (GSHS) has many athletes, but only a few have the dedication to their sport and the leadership to create a more successful environment for their team and coach. Sophomore Amos Wilson competes in varsity wrestling and is a role model for many in the gym.

    Wilson not only provides his team with excellent wrestling skills, but also offers a positive attitude, hard work, guidance, and dedication to his sport.

    Wilson has been wrestling since he was four years old and has been an accomplished wrestler ever since.     

    Following in his older brother’s footsteps, who also wrestled at GSHS, Wilson states that “wrestling is a family thing” and “without my family I would have never started wrestling.”

   After hard work and dedication, Wilson placed second at regionals, and is now heading to state.

    Incredibly, through  all of his competitions and practices, he always makes time for his education.

     Wilson states that he manages to keep up with schoolwork by “going home right after practice and finishing my homework.”

     His dedication to the sport and desire to pursue his dreams has inspired others to undertake their dreams. Wilson has been a great role model for his teammates inside and outside of the gym.

    Sophomore and wrestling teammate Erik Krauth says that Wilson “sets a good example for others to follow and is a great leader, he works hard in practice and he has shown me that hard work and dedication pays off…he never gives up and always has a drive to be the best he could be.”

    Wilson has also taught his teammates countless valuable lessons: Krauth says that “he has also shown me how to be a good teammate by supporting me and pushing me in practice.”

     Wrestling Coach Miles Cook has only been coaching Wilson since last year’s season, but he has already noticed Wilson’s positive impact.

    Cook says that Wilson’s “passion for the sport reminds me how important sports can be for students. When things didn’t go his way, it really made me want to recommit to working harder and helping these kids achieve their goals.”

    In addition to his passion for the sport, his aspiration for the team to thrive and succeed has made him a leader and a role model. Cook says, “he provides a positive role model in terms of work ethic and when other kids see him being successful they want to push themselves to be as effective as he is.”

        Wilson hopes to head to a prestigious university when he graduates from high school, and to keep wrestling at the university of his choice.

    Wilson states that he wants to keep wrestling after high school because “it’s cool to pursue your dreams.”

    Wilson’s desire for wrestling, leadership, and dedication have helped him become very victorious in the gym and he hopes to continue his success and follow his dreams. His passion and dedication are what ultimately have helped Wilson become such an outstanding wrestler and has assisted him to become a leader on the team and being exceptional both in and outside of the gym.

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Athlete To Watch: Amos Wilson