Creative Writing: January

Kai Uyehara

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Small cotton socks slip and slide

Across a hardwood floor,

Littered with bright colored toys.

Soon they stand, and become flashing sneakers,

Bright with toddler’s entertainment.

Lights dance on playing feet,

Who quickly outgrow their splendor,

For silly childish things.

Green plastic slippers splash in the water,

The liquid pouring through little holes

To cover child’s toes.

With the stamp of a foot,

Quicker than any parent could catch,

The toes are clad in black and white converse-

The bright color left in younger days.

The sneakers trudge through warzone rooms,

And disappear beneath teenage slop.

When they emerge, the grunge of awkward stupor has passed,

And polished designs take the world by storm.

Leather hide and rubber soles track cement, grass and tile

As campus turns to city and city turns to home.

Grown and mature feet now don in reverence

The black shining dress of a day long remembered-

The day they stand toe to toe with white heeled beauty.

Two feet become four, and two legged walks become three legged races,

As four shoes travel the world in tandem.

Boots, slippers, loafers, tennis shoes, ski-boots travel in fours.

Or sixes.

Small, round toes find their way to light- cold in their nakedness,

Fatherly hands pull onto them, small cotton socks.

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Creative Writing: January