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Ashli Costello

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     How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000): How the Grinch Stole Christmas, featuring Jim Carrey, is an immensely topsy-turvy and humorous version of one of Dr. Seuss’ most famous picture books. The film teaches children that the true meaning of Christmas is the joy it brings, and spending time with your loved ones, instead of what we all know many view it as: the time of year for presents. The movie describes a young girl who is more courageous and kind hearted than anyone one else in her village, Whoville. Instead of turning her back on the Grinch, she makes it her mission to seek him out, open her heart up to him, and teach him to love Christmas. The movie is an excellent twist on the book, however, it is not meant for viewers of all ages. This is due to multiple cases of adult humor, such as when the Grinch sticks his butt out and says, ¨Pucker up and kiss it.¨


    The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993): Let’s be honest here; this movie was just weird. Not only are the characters terrifying, but the plot is thrown all over the place and what kind of Christmas movie has Santa getting kidnapped and almost murdered? Overall this movie is based more on a Halloween theme than Christmas; however if you want a spooky, distorted version of Christmas then this would be the movie for you.


    National Lampoon´s Christmas Vacation (1989): National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation doesn’t just grab your attention at the beginning, but throughout the whole movie. In the movie, Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) is determined to make his family’s Christmas exemplary. From not having a saw to cut down his tree and having to rip it out by the roots, to kidnapping his boss and almost getting arrested, Clark´s so-called best Christmas takes a turn for the worst. This chaotic and comical movie will have your whole family laughing from beginning to end and will be your go-to Christmas movie year after year.


    Home Alone (1990): Home Alone features Macaulay Culkin as bratty eight year old Kevin McCallister who wishes his family would disappear, and upon waking up the next morning, he sees that his wish had come true. However, this couldn’t have happened at a worse time, as two robbers decide that their next target is little Kevin’s house. This movie, being the knee grabber that it is, will leave you laughing your socks off as you watch Kevin defend his family home and realize there’s nothing more important than your family, especially during the Christmas holiday.


    Elf (2003): Elf, featuring Will Ferrell as Buddy, is wacky and amusing as you watch a man go from growing up in the North Pole with Papa elf and Santa Clause to living in New York City and meeting his uptight egotistical father. This movie falls under almost every category a movie can, from comedy to romantic and then dramatic. It´ll have you laughing and crying but still is an overall perfect holiday movie. It teaches that in order to have a perfect Christmas everyone must be cheerful and believe. This movie, however, is definitely not for all ages, as it consists of bad language and extreme adult humor.


    A Christmas Story (1983): A Christmas Story, featuring Peter Billingsley as Ralphie Parker, describes the life of a young boy who spends his time dodging bullies and wanting a BB gun for Christmas. The movie takes you on a ride into Ralphie´s imagination. Although this story may feel like it’s about a scary Santa Claus and a dumb kid’s desire for a BB gun, it’s actually about remembering childhood memories and the feelings they evoke. This movie is not for all ages, due to Ralphie beating a kid senseless, literally his nose bleeds and he probably lost his sense of smell, but also the movie reveals that Santa is not real. This is seen when Ralphie’s parents listen and wait for both children to close their bedroom doors and then the father says, ¨Okay let’s get em,¨ obviously referring to the presents.

    The Polar Express (2004): The Polar Express was so tedious and dull that I couldn’t even bring myself to watch it again.  The movie features a boy who begins to question the existence of Santa. This leads him onto a train in which he is brought along with other kids to Santa’s warehouse. Not only is the animation horrific and the special effects uninteresting, but the movie also features a brutal train conductor that almost throws a young girl off for losing her ticket. The Polar Express was by far the worst Christmas movie I have ever seen.

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