West Glenwood Branch of Alpine Bank Robbed

Shannon Coon

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     The Morning of November 9th a suspicious man enters the Alpine Bank in the West Glenwood area, he is yet to be caught and the case is still ongoing.

     The private investigator on the case as well as the Chief of Police, Terry Wilson, said that due to a need of accurate tips from the public there are very few details they can reveal about the ongoing case, but here is what we do know:

     On November 9th shortly after they opened, at the Alpine Bank in West Glenwood, a robbery occurred. The the suspect was male, and“he had on a black hoodie and black or blue pants,” according to the investigator on the case.

     The investigator on this case also noted that the suspect “ left a suspicious package at the bank,” a package that then had to be searched by the Grand Junction bomb squad. The package was cleared; itdid not contain anything lethal inside, and was, indeed, not a bomb, just “taped together to look like one.”

     The investigator also said that there was no other ulterior motive besides the money.

     This incident also put the Glenwood Springs Middle School, under lock out instead of a lockdown which means the threat is inside of the school itself,  as GSMS counselor Laura Karnes explains, because there was no “threat inside the building.” it was a matter of keeping that threat “outside of the school” by locking the building and keeping the children and staff inside.

     According to Karnes, the lockout went “smoothly” and as planned, with all of the staff following the protocol correctly and efficiently. And afterwards “everything went back to normal,” she said.

     As a counselor, Karnes stated that she has not seen any issues regarding the children’s well-being , “they all feel safe in their school” she says after the incident which ended at 2:00 that day.

    The only issue that transpired at GSMS, according to Karnes, was “communicating to our Spanish-speaking parents” due to some mistranslated words about the incident, but everything was  “clarified;  our staff was really amazing with all of that” she adds.

     Wilson, in terms of  a larger scope on how this affects the community, said that “it makes people nervous, especially other banks” and that we may see more “severe security” in the community as a result.

     These crimes are so frightening because they are “face-to-face crimes, unlike a burglary”  says Wilson. Due to how personal and terrifying it is,  it “makes other businesses that deal with quantities of money … a little nervous…” as well.

     In order to curb the spread of fear Wilson says he and his officers are making sure to “peek around the banks and let everyone see that they are watching and reassuring the community” because they understand that even if an individual wasn’t apart of the bank that got robbed “what has happened affects them as well,”  says  Wilson.

     And to further assure the community, Wilson added that these are not common occurrences in the valley, they happen “around every two or three years,” making them somewhat of a rarity. Karnes said the same goes for lockdowns/lockouts at GSMS; the last one that occurred was last year “due to a bear outside of the school.”

     This is still an ongoing case and the suspect is yet to be found, so Wilson and his team urge anyone with leads on the case to come forward, in order to help them catch the perpetrator.


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